Bettina Liano is the founder and former owner of the eponymous Bettina Liano brand. Established in 1984, Bettina Liano’s signature feminine style, such as her draped jersey dresses and seductively tailored denim jeans, have been exported to department stores in the US and Asia. They also became ever a favourite with international celebrities and performers such as Kim Kardashian, Grace Jones, Portia De Rossi, Natalie Portman, Serena Williams, Sophie Monk, PINK, Kelly Rowland , Madonna, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Courtney Love, Kylie Minogue, to name a few.

In the 1990’s, Bettina’s denim designs, were identified by the iconic yellow flag on everyone’s hips. These jeans became a cultural touchstone of the 1990’s era in Australia. Bettina, became touted by the Australian Press as ‘the jean queen” and “the brand we all know and love”.



In December 2013, after involuntarily being excluded from joining with the new owners, designer Bettina Liano was left no choice but to forego her beloved and eponymous brand. On December 12th 2013, Bettina Liano parted ways from the BETTINA LIANO Trademark brand, which she had founded from her dining room table in Melbourne, Australia, in 1984. Bettina felt compelled to continue her life's work and so, shortly thereafter, founded the denim label BYBL by BETTINA LIANO. Not revamped, but original styling, authentic fit, and brought to you from Bettina's studio. 

BYBL jeans are designed by Bettina Liano and made in Australia, from high performance denim, that is responsibly sourced, that won't lose its shape. Providing a seductively tailored fit, and ensuring the ultimate in comfort.

"BYBL jeans will lift your butt and elongate your legs". That's Bettina's promise. Since 1989.

Since 2013, if it's not BYBL By Bettina Liano, then it's not designed BY Bettina Liano.