Introducing ZILIO! Try on denim in 3D!

By Bettina Liano is proud to announce this exciting collaboration with ZILIO!

ZILIO is an early stage FASHION-TECH startup based here in Melbourne which aims to solve the issue of ill-fitting clothes when shopping online.

With the help of By Bettina Liano and YOU, ZILIO will begin rolling out elements of their proof-of-concept across selected denim across the store.

The aim of this pilot it to demonstrate how the future tech will work, gather data to identify issues and fine tune the technology so choosing the right size of Bettina Liano’s stunning denim is as intuitive online as it is in person!

We invite ALL OF YOU to have a play with the technology - we’re super keen to hear YOUR feelings, thoughts and criticisms as you TRY ON selected styles of denim.

In this first release, you’ll need to have your measurements handy - or a tape measure - a friend would be super helpful!

Then we’ll we’ll build a full 3D representation of YOU!

Once your 3D model is created, you’re all set!
You only have to input your measurements ONCE then you’ll be able to TRY ON any ZILIO enabled products as they are rolled-out.

There are around 20 body measurements in this version - we are actively working on a much more streamlined system for the future which will take the pain out of measuring.

We’re aware the measurements take time (we estimate around XXXXXX minutes) and we really appreciate your efforts!

We’re sure you’ll find the technology interesting we can’t wait to hear what you think.

In this first release, you’ll be able to try on Bettina’s signature Saint Jeans - we hope to roll out more styles for you to try in the coming months.

As we release this early preview, we expect there to be a few things to fine tune and adapt. We’re here to help!
So if you experience any issues or have some ideas or feedback you’d like to share we’d LOVE to hear from you!

You’ll find easy access to the ZILIO enabled denim styles in the SHOP - via the MENU or by filtering product search results by “ZILIO Try It On!“.

Look out for the little  logo! This icon indicates a style you can TRY ON and find your fit!

We hope you enjoy this preview of ZILIO’s 3D-Fit Technology and we look forward to your input as we journey towards a REAL solution to shopping fashion online.

Peace, Love and Fashion…. always, always Fashion.

xxx Team ZILIO + By Bettina Liano